Site Investigations

TBL Survey are site investigation specialists offering ground investigation services to developers, structural and consulting engineers, local authorities, builders, architects and private individuals.  Some of these services are listed below however this list isn't exhaustive so don't hesistate to get in touch if what you require isn't mentioned.

Trial Pits/Holes & Augering


Trial Pits are required when a visual inspection of the below ground surface is required for example exposing building foundations.


We re-lay all surfaces as standard wthether it be grass, concrete or tarmac.


We can also carry out isolated augering to gain soil samples from much deeper depths than hand excavated trial pits/holes allow.



Soil sample collection and testing


Building and construction case records show that ground conditions are often the cause of large cost and time overuns.


Soil sampling and testing is pivotal in helping to avoid these issues in many construction projects and we can provide a comprehensive range of analysis.

Root sample collection and testing


There are a number of reasons why identifications of roots may be required such as subsidence claims or damage by roots to surfaces. Where there is more than one species of tree on site , DNA testing can identify which tree they have originated from.  


We can provide root identifications services to private and commercial clients.

Diamond Core Concrete Drilling


Diamond coring is carried out in order to either make an access point through a hard standing surface such as concrete to allow for futther investigations or can be used as a means of recovering a sample for inspection and testing.


Prior to drilling, the area is checked for the presence of buried services by examination of the service drawings. All locations are scanned utilising a Cable Avoidance tool (CAT) prior to intrusive works.


The resultant hole is generally backfilled with similar material to existing or as required by the client.




Drainage System CCTV Surveying and Mapping


We have the latest Drainage CCTV Surveying equipment in all our on site vehicles.


We deliver complete plans of drains and sewer systems that detail sewer conditions, routes, direction of flow and manholes.


Drain mapping is useful for both private and commercial clients to gather information about the state of the drians within the area.



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