Traditional Drain Repairs and Installations

No dig-relining is our go to method when it comes to repairing most drainage defects we come across, but we do offer a wide range of repairs and installations also.

New Installations


If you are building a new house or extending your current one we can help with the installation of a fully building regulations compliant install. Our experienced team of drainage engineers are equipped to complete residential and commercial installations to the highest standard. We offer a full range of installation services, including drainage mapping which allows us to determine the full extent of your current system to connect to your new system seamlessly.

Drain Repairs


On the rare occassion that a drain does have to be excavated in order to be repaired or replaced, you can rest assured in knowing we conduct the repair as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.  We come across all sorts of issues such a cracks/fracturing to collapsed drains. This can be caused by ground movement over the years or sometimes by people carrying out groundworks nearby.  All of our repairs are guaranteed for 10 years giving you that extra peace of mind.  If you have an issue with your drainage system you may be able to claim on your house insurance for the repair costs.

'Aquacell' Type Soakaways


In recent years we have seen more and more gardens replaced with impermeable surfaces such as driveways and patios which will then normally incorporate a gully or channel drain to divert excess rainwater to the drainage system whereas previously in a garden the water would have just drained away naturally. Our soakaways consist of a geocellular fully tried and tested, modular system for managing excessive rainfall. Rather than the old fashioned system which was simply a rubble filled pit in the ground this system consists of strong plastic crates wrapped in a non-woven permeable membrane which allows water to infiltrate slowly back into the ground.

Septic Tanks


A Septic Tank is an underground chamber made of concrete, fiberglass, or plastic through which domestic wastewater flows for basic treatment. These are typically installed in rural properties where a mains drainage system is not possible.  Settling and anaerobic processes reduce solids and organics, but the treatment efficiency is only moderate.  Regulations changed in 2020 regarding this type of treatment system.  Where some septic tanks may have discharged to a stream or such they must now discharge to a secondary form of treatment system such as a drainage bed or drainage mound which is porous enough to allow the liquid effluent to discharge (something which we can confirm by carrying out a percolation test). It is the homeowners responsibilty to have this changed if their current system does not comply with the new regulations or they could be fined.  We can install new septic tank systems along with the assiociated secondary treatment system required.

Packaged Treatment Plants


Due to the regulation changes to septic tanks and new systems available on the market, packaged treatment plants are becoming the go to system for off the grid homes.  The job of a sewage treatment plant is very simple. It cleans all the wastewater a building produces (think showers, baths, toilets, dishwashers and sinks) so that it can be discharged safely into a river or stream. With all the nasties removed, the water it produces should pose no harm to plants, wildlife or fish. We can install new packaged treatment sytems under the appropriate planning permission. If you want to discharge your effluent to a stream or ditch this is the best option for you.

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